Prof. Dr. C. Van Peteghem

Head of Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Willy Lambert



Apr. Jet Van De Steene

Apr. Veerle De Brouwer

Apr. Kristof Maudens

Apr. Sarah Wille

Dr. Guo-Fang Zhang


Technical Staff

Goedele Van Nuffel

Gaby Vergote

Jacques Van der Verren

Christa Verschuere

Former Staff

Dr. Apr. DaniŽlle Borrey

Dr. Apr. Riet Dams

Dr. Apr. Tom Benijts

Dr. Apr. Kjell Mortier

Freddy Steenbeke

Julien De Sutter

Roger Vereecke

Prof. Dr. A. De Leenheer (rector)



Dr. DaniŽlle Borrey

DaniŽlle received her Ph. D. in september 2002 and currently works at the AZ St-Jan in Bruges. The topic of her Ph. D. was the analysis of low-dosed benzodiazepines with GC-MS by on-column injection. A short summary of her work can be found in the 'research>toxicology' section.

e-mail: danielle.borrey@azbrugge.be


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