Liquid chromatography

HPLC DAD (Beckmann)

This apparatus is used for the routine HPLC analysis of drugs and drugs of abuse. A Diode Array Detector is capable of recording a UV spectrum for further identification of the unknown. Chromatography is performed at basic pH on a C18 column.

Website of the manufacturer: http://www.beckmancoulter.com

HPLC Fl/DAD (Merck-Hitachi)

This HPLC module consists of a gradient pump, an autosampler, an interface, a diode array detector and a Fluorescence detector. The systems can be manipulated by a computer equipped with control and data processing software. The system is mainly used for research purposes.

Website of the manufacturer: http://www.merck.de/english/

HPLC-DAD (Lachrom Classic, VWR)

This apparatus is used for the routine HPLC analysis.

LC-MS/MS API 4000 (Applied Biosystems)

This HPLC module (Agilent 1100) is connected to triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (API 4000). It is equipped with a turbo V source and electrospray as well as APCI are available. The system is mainly used for research purposes, and different analytical methods have already been developed with it. An overview and more detailled info can be found in our research menu, or on the manufacturers website.

LC/Q-TOF (Micromass) 

This type of mass spectrometer is very sensitive detector, even in scan mode, and simultaneously offers a high mass resolution.  Different laboratories are sharing this instrument (Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Analysis and Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology). Hence, research topics on this instrument are diverse. Some short background information on this instrument can be found on the research menu of this site.

Website of the manufacturer: www.micromass.co.uk